Acoustic Signatures of artifical reefs (Biohut®) and their potential attraction capacity for post-larvae

SEANAPS is an R&D study to acquire new knowledge on the biodiversity of sites equipped with Biohut® as well as on the optimization of ecological restoration systems using passive acoustics.
• Do Bohut® have acoustic signatures and can they be characterized? • Can they optimize the attractiveness of these ecological restoration systems for post-larvae?
• Establish whether Biohut® on docks or pontoons installed in harbours have a specific acoustic signature that is different from the one of the surrounding environment • Evaluate the size of the acoustic footprint of this signature • Assess the attractiveness of this acoustic signature for post-larvae • If the acoustic signature of the Biohut® studied serves as an indicator for post-larvae to guide them towards the Biohut for settlement, the final objective of the project will be to integrate the notion of acoustic footprint in ecological restoration engineering: Biohut® distances, mesh, position in installation sites. • Complementary objective: to evaluate the effectiveness of the acoustic recordings and the video footage tool as a complementary method for the ecological monitoring carried out within the context of restoration projects.

Date :

July 2016 - September 2017

PARTNERS: Ecocean, CHORUS, Agence de l'Eau RMC

COORDINATORS: Amélie Fontcuberta (Ecocean), Julie Lossent (CHORUS)

CONTRIBUTORS: Anaïs Gudefin (Ecocean), Julie Lossent (CHORUS), Cédric Gervaise (CHORUS)