Modelling and Mapping of the underwater noise generated by shipping at the basin scale and its impacts on marine fauna

Modelling and mapping of underwater noise generated by shipping at the basin level and its impact on marine fauna.
The objectives of the RAMDAM project are to develop efficient simulation tools to map the noise generated by the shipping at a basin scale, to propose methods to calibrate the simulation tools with real data, to run simulations to identify acoustic hot spots, where noisy area are superposed with marine mammal habitats, to forecast the effects of the increase of shipping on marine fauna and to provide decision making tools to decrease noise in the ocean (shipping lane positions, fleet composition, etc.). RAMDAM uses in situ data from the acoustic network CALME (Med Sea) and from a biennial acoustics observatory in the Saint Laurence estuary. RAMDAM aims to develop a common frame to map anthropogenic noise of three sites: Saint Laurence estuary and gulf, Canadian Arctic and French Mediterranean coast.
  • The calibration of the simulation results with in situ data,
  • The numerical efficiency of the simulation process,
  • A probabilistic approach of shipping noise mapping,
  • Proposition of novel indicators for shipping noise effects on marine fauna

Date :

January 2014 - December 2020

PARTNERS: CHORUS, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, ISMER

HEAD: F. Aulanier (DFO, ISMER), Y. Simard (DFO, ISMER), C. Gervaise (CHORUS)




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