The QUIETMED project  – “Joint programme on noise (D11) for the implementation of the Second Cycle of the MSFD in the Mediterranean Sea” – is aimed at enhancing cooperation among Member States in the Mediterranean Sea Basin to implement the Second Cycle of the Marine Directive and in particular to assist them in the preparation of their MSFD reports by 2018, in particular as regards Descriptor 11 on underwater noise. It will also contribute to address underwater noise monitoring gaps in the Mediterranean improving coherence and adequacy of MSFD implementation.

Among its objectives are to coordinate with the Regional Sea Convention (the Barcelona Convention) to ensure the consistency of the project with the implementation of the EcAp process and to promote and facilitate the coordination of underwater noise monitoring at the Mediterranean Sea level with third countries of the region (MSFD Article 6), in particular through building capacities of non – EU Countries and taking advantage of the ACCOBAMS – UNEP/MAP cooperation related to the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach Process (EcAp process) on underwater noise monitoring.

About & Specific Objectives
This project is funded by the European Commission and coordinated by CTN Marine Technology Center from Spain and it includes, in addition to the ACCOBAMS Secretariat, 8 national partners from Mediterranean EU Member States appointed by their respective National Authorities (SHOM for France) to support the implementation of the MSFD as regard noise monitoring.
To carry out its mission ACCOBAMS wished to be accompanied by a group of experts. After a consultation by tender, a group of experts was selected by ACCOBAMS to provide technical support. The work will consist in providing syntheses of the state of the art and of expert's statements on recommendations. Project advances will be discussed during regular meetings. CHORUS participates in four of the eleven activities targeted by ACCOBAMS:
  • Develop a common approach to the definition of threshold at MED level
  • Recommend methodology for assessments of noise indicators in the Mediterranean Sea basin taking into account the criteria and methodological standards defined for Descriptor11
  • Establish methodologies and guidelines for monitoring of underwater noise in the Mediterranean sea
  • Establish standards and joint recommendations for hardware calibration and signal processing algorithms for data processing
  • Pilot projects of underwater noise monitoring and mapping.

Client :

Accobams, EU

Date :

April 2017 - December 2018

PARTNERS: Accobams, Sinay, CHORUS, University of Pavia, NOAA, OceanCare

COORDINATORS: C. Gervaise, G. Pavan, M. Castellote, S. Frey, M. Bouzidy, A. Drira

CHORUS CONTRIBUTORS: C. Gervaise, L. Di Iorio, J. Lossent