Monitoring Arctic ice using passive acoustics

Glace Arctique par Acoustique Passive

GAAP is an ANR (ASTRID) funded project (ANR-15-ASTR-0025). GAAP exploits the complementary nature of passive acoustics with regard to satellite imagery by offering local continuous, integrative measures recorded at high temporal resolution. The combined analysis of abiotic (mainly sounds generated by the ice), biotic and anthropogenic sounds aims at better understanding the phenomena of the Arctic and to develop human activities while limiting their impact.
  • What are the signal processing tools for detecting, classifying, locating Arctic sounds?
  • What are the phenomena (biotic, abiotic) that drive the soundscape of the Arctic?
  • What are the benefits of using soundscapes to:
    • Better understand/ describe the functioning of Arctic marine ecosystems?
    • Better describe the dynamics of the exchanges between the pack ice, the glacier and the ocean?
    • Provide a surveillance system for small icebergs for the purpose of securing human activities at sea?
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Date :

March2016 – March 2019

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COORDINATORS: Jérôme Mars (GIPSA-lab), Cédric Gervaise (CHORUS), Carole Nahum (DGA)

CONTRIBUTORS: Julie Lossent (CHORUS, GIPSA-lab), Laurent Chauvaud (LEMAR), Michel Gay (GIPSA-lab), Aurélie Jolivet (TBM), Sylvain Chauvaud (TBM)

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Photo credits: Erwan Amice & Gaelle Joubert