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Principal collaborator: Prof. J. Mars

Since many years CHORUS works with the Gipsa -Lab (UMR 5216, Grenoble INP, CNRS-INS2I, Université Grenoble Alpes), national leader in information science. L. Di Iorio and C. Gervaise are associated researchers at Gipsa-Lab and J. Lossent is a young scientist. CHOURS is officially recognized  within the group SigmaPhy (Signal Image Physics lab), who’s research focuses among others on transient signals, underwater acoustics and remote sensing.

National Science Foundation (ANR) funded projects coordinated by CHORUS (C. Gervaise): GAAP & Benthoscope II

Phelma Grenoble INP
Ense3 Grenoble INP

Principal collaborators: Prof. Y. Simard, N. Roy & F. Aulanier

With the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Quebec at Rimouski (ISMER , Rimouski, Canada) we have a long-term collaboration on marine traffic noise, impact on marine mammals and passive acoustic monitoring in the Arctic.

Principal collaborators:  Prof. Eric Parmentier and Dr. Marta Bolgan

With the Functional and evolutionary morphology lab,  University of Liège (Belgium) we collaborate most particularly on fish sound production and the fish-dominated component of marine soundscapes.

Università di Cagliari

Principal collaborator: Dr. Matteo Murenu

With the Department of Life and Environmental Science of the University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Ialy) we collaborate on coastal ecology and more particularly the influence of a canyon on coastal biodiversity larval settlement in Sardinia.


Principal collaborators: Dr. Pierre Boissery & Dr. Cathy-Anna Valentini-Poirier

Since 2014, CHORUS established a fruitful colllaboration with the Agence de l’eau RMC (France) on R&D projects using soundscapes as environmental proxies and on the integration of passive acoustics in Mediterranean environmental monitoring and management programs. We collaborate on several co-funded projects and long-term programs.

Private Firms

Current Patrons of CHORUS' chair