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CHORUS rallies its team, competences and tools to realize joint projects on marine environments in line with it’s scientific and technical interests.


  • Expert on the impact of anthropogenic noise in various committees and working groups
  • Support in writing and submitting proposals in the field of passive acoustics,
  • Support and expertise in choosing adequate acoustic equipment, preparing field protocols and defining data processing procedures and tools for data analysis.


  • Customized development of data processing tools for underwater acoustics (detection, localization, classification, …) and acoustic simulations,
  • Realization of all or part of the acoustic component of environmental impact study (baseline, predictive modeling, writing of the acoustic components of impact studies).

To ensure the excellence of its services, CHORUS highlights the acquired experience in its research and monitoring programs and accrues the previous experience (2012-2016) of C. Gervaise as co-founder and technical director of SOMME, where CG carried out 8 acoustic impact studies in the field of Marine Renewable Energies.

Related projects

Expertise at the European level: QUIETMED project – participation in the definition of standards and methods for the MSFD noise descriptor within a group of international experts.

Expertise at the national level: At the request of the the National Commission for Public Debates and  “France Nature Environnement”: expert assessment on the impact of offshore wind farm projects on marine fauna presented during two public debates: https: // eolienmer- pdlt.debatpublic.fr/lexpertise-complementaire-cndp

Technical support: SINAY – 2017 : scientific support for the development of innovative tools for the assessment of initial states (baseline data) and simulation of anthropogenic activities within the scope of noise impact studies.

Study: Implementation of custom data processing tools for underwater acoustics.

Study: Implementation of noise modelling tools for impact studies.


The contact person for consulting projects is Cédric Gervaise: cedric.gervaise@chorusacoustics.com