2009 – 2012

Cédric GERVAISE and Lucia DI IORIO, both already working in marine passive acoustics for many years, started combining their research disciplines and scientific cultures in 2009 in Brest (Brittany). This twinning and passion for the exploration of underwater soundscapes eventually resulted in a mutualistic symbiosis that they wanted to consolidate into a research program.


Creation of the research chair Chorus with the help of Valérie BONNARDEL, former director of the Grenoble INP Foundation.

  Fondation Frenoble INP



To further consolidate the work of chorus, we founded the CHORUS Research Institute (IdR). C. Gervaise, L. Di Iorio and J. Lossent share its governance. CHORUS IdR is holder also holder of a research chair together with the Grenoble INP Foundation.

Want to work with CHORUS ?

CHORUS is a self-funded structure. Our funded and co-funded activities are all in line with our scientific interests and our field of competences. CHORUS research institute (IdR) can receive all sort of fundings and can handle intellectual property and confidentiality.

The research chair of the CHORUS research institute and the Grenoble INP Foundation only accepts funds from patrons and sponsors directed to the Grenoble INP Foundation.

In case of specific funding uniquely assigned to academic structures, e.g., National research grants (ANR), CHORUS can apply to these grants via the GIPSA-lab, where CHORUS’ core team members are associated researchers.

All other type of funding can directly be managed by the CHORUS IdR.